e-Learning offers convenience and individualized pacing, but it can also be difficult for students to stay motivated and to correct unproductive behavior that hinders their overall performance.
ALP Can:
  • Create a personalized learning path based on the learner's interests and skills to keep him or her engaged
  • Identify learning-relevant behaviors such as focus, guessing, and skipping, and monitor trends over time to provide a richer report to the parent, tutor, or learner about progress
  • Measure the difficulty of the learning activities and assess their appropriateness, helping curriculum designers continually improve their products

Game-based Learning

We have deep expertise in how to create games that are effective learning contexts (and ALP's first use case was Leo's Pad, our own game-based learning app for preschoolers).
ALP Can:
  • Provide the right level of challenge to help you keep learners engaged
  • Track the skills that a learner is mastering through gameplay and share learning-relevant insights with parents and other stakeholders to highlight the game's educational value

Test Prep

Demonstrating efficacy is a great way to differentiate in the competitive field of standardized-test preparation.
ALP Can:
  • Identify gaps in your content and items that aren't providing an accurate measure of a learner's performance, helping you improve your product
  • Personalize practice sessions to provide targeted interventions in the learner's areas of weakness
  • Provide score predictions based on the learner's current behavior and performance
  • Benchmark learner performance against local, global, current, and historical comparison groups

Content Libraries and Ecosystems

A rich content library can be made even more effective when it is personalized for each learner.
ALP Can:
  • Recommend the best content based on the learner's skills, interests, and more
  • Provide insights about engagement and preferences
  • Identify gaps in coverage and characteristics of the best content, to help content creators grow the library strategically