Flexible Cloud Options

  • Multi-tenant cloud solution provides lower cost of ownership, quicker access to new platform features, automatic updates, and autoscaling for worry-free capacity
  • Dedicated cloud instance provides optimized bandwidth, customization for your business process, control over maintenance, and additional security

Massively Scalable

  • Built on the Hadoop ecosystem to seamlessly process terabytes of data
  • Services are hosted on autoscaled architecture and tuned to deliver high performance and consistent SLAs under varying demands.

Highly Available

  • ALP provides 99.95% availability
  • Comes with 24/7 on-call support

Secure by Design

  • Uses industry-standard authentication to prevent unauthorized access
  • Data are encrypted both while stored in ALP and while traveling back and forth to you

Integrate with ALP

ALP is currently handling terabytes of learning data to empower learners, parents, teachers, and creators of educational products. We support client- or server-side integration. Our client-side SDK is available for iOS, Android, Unity, and JavaScript, and our server-side integration involves simple API calls. ALP integration has three easy steps:
Send App Metadata
Provide your app static data like questions, content hierarchy, and other assets in text format.
Send Event Data
Send event data directly from your client (using our SDK) or server (using our API).
Consume Output
Retrieve desired ALP outputs (metrics, insights, reports, etc.) via our SDK or API and incorporate those outputs into user-facing products.