Begin to understand your learners by sending event data to ALP through our lightweight, easy-to-integrate SDK. Use the ALP Analytics Dashboard to review engagement and retention metrics within and across learning contexts.

Enhance your understanding through the Insights and Adaptivity Tiers, which provide visibility into the efficacy of your learning context and deep dives into learner skills.


Send learning events to ALP and use our APIs to retrieve custom insights that can then be shared with other stakeholders like parents and teachers. Kidaptive's award-winning Learning Team has developed research-based models to identify guessing behavior, predict test performance, estimate time on task, and more.

ALP can also recommend content or courses of action based on characteristics such as learner proficiency level and interests, historical trends from other learners, and relationships within the curriculum.


Unlock ALP's full potential by incorporating real-time adaptivity into your learning context. ALP uses a Bayesian-IRT psychometric framework to determine the optimal next challenge (test question, game level, etc.) for each learner. Keep learners engaged and excited to continue through challenges that are just hard enough to master.


Analytics Insights Adaptivity
ALP Analytics Dashboard:
Engagement and Retention metrics
ALP Analytics Dashboard:
Content Efficacy and Skills-based metrics
Custom learning insights
Content recommendations
Real-time adaptivity
ALP SDK integration
Send learning events
Item calibration Optional
Skills framework mapping Optional